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Admin Nov 11, 2020

Register as a Tasker on HapiHyper Delivery

Individuals in Rivers State can now register as Taskers (we refer to all delivery agents as Taskers) on our platform. Only individuals ready to provide on-demand delivery services are invited with open arms to register on our platform.

The delivery services available on HapiHyper Delivery include on-demand moving of parcels, on-demand buying of food items, and on-demand medical services. During the registration process, potential Taskers will be able to choose from the 3 available options.

It is also important to note that potential Taskers should have the pdf format of their valid IDs (IDs recognised by the Nigerian government) and vehicle document available on their mobile device as this will be required during the registration process.

How to Register as a Tasker

After downloading our app, you can visit our tutorial section on how to become a Tasker.

How to Make Money as a Tasker

All Taskers automatically receive 40% of the cost associated with any task they have successfully completed on HapiHyper Delivery. For more info please visit our FAQ section.