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Admin Nov 11, 2020

HapiHyper Delivery Covers Rivers State

Rivers State will be regarded as the first state HapiHyper Delivery will be embarking their project on. We will be digitising on-demand delivery services such as moving of parcels, buying of food items, and medical services.

Our unique mode of delivery creates a greener environment by producing 97% less carbon emissions than traditional modes of delivery.

The first step to achieving these goals will be to encourage individuals to register as Taskers on our platform. These individuals have to be willing to bring the goal of digitising on-demand delivery services to life.

The existence of a platform such as this will be able to increase business to customer relationships and give citizens the ability to request for on-demand delivery services without stress.

Available Areas in Rivers State

Users present in Port Harcourt can now request for their items to be delivered to Gulf Estate.

Money for Everyone

Both registered delivery agents (commonly referred to as "Taskers" on our platform) and users can earn money from simply making use of the app. Learn more from our FAQ section.