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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We only process delivery items that weigh 3.5 kg or less.
Yes. You can easily transfer money to your friends within the app. All you need is the email they used in creating their account on our app. For more info on how to do this please visit our tutorials section on how to transfer funds.
Please visit our tutorials section on how to deposit money to learn how to deposit money into your HapiHyper Delivery account.
Please visit our tutorials section on how to request funds to learn how to withdraw money from your HapiHyper Delivery account.
You can view your HapiHyper Delivery account balance by simply logging in to your account, tapping the sidebar icon, and then tapping "PAYMENT".
The cost for a task is calculated using the fee per minute and fee per kilometer required to successfully complete your task.
Our app will be available on the Apple app store by December 2024.
Although cases of theft are very unlikely, for cases of theft, users should forward a screenshot of their mobile screen during task process to with the subject "Theft". The email address to be used in sending such email should be the email address used to register on our platform.
We currently cover:
1. Gulf Estate at Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
2. Banana Island at Ikoyi, Lagos.
To learn how to request for a task, please visit our tutorials section on how to request for a task on HapiHyper Delivery.
Yes. A user can earn money by simply sharing our app to their family and friends using the “MY SHARE CODE” button found on our app's sidebar when logged in to your account. Tap on your special promo code to copy it and share to family and friends, or share directly to them by tapping the “Share Code” button. By using the “Share Code” button, we will generate a sentence with your promo code inviting them to use it. Whenever they apply your promo code, you will receive a percentage of the cost for the next task they successfully complete using our app.
Simply tap the “PROMOTIONS” button found on our app's sidebar when logged in to your account and then type in the promo code shared to you. Please note that promo codes are case sensitive.
Potential Taskers
No. All registration processes on HapiHyper Delivery are completely free of charge.
A pdf file of your vehicle document and a valid ID recognised by the Nigerian government should be available on your mobile device as this will be required during the registration process.
Simply visit our tutorials page on how to become a Tasker after downloading our app from the Google play store.
It usually takes us between 24 to 48 hours to verify your submitted information. After successful verification, you will be invited to our office for the final onboarding process.
A valid ID is simply an ID recognised by the Nigerian government. The valid IDs include your International passport, Driver's license, or National ID Card.
Taskers receive 40% of the total cost for a task they have successfully completed.